Soft Touch Islands Massage

4 CE Contact Hours, NCBTMB approved

Lolita Knight, with over 30 years of a full time massage career and Debbie DeNardo, certified instructor, have developed a whole new way of providing deep relaxation massage from her experiences with island massage from Fiji and Tonga. Strokes are completed using the hands, fingertips and forearm. As the title suggests, this is a soft touch, not to be confused with mindless fluff massage.

There are 7 different aspects of Soft Touch Island Massage.

The first is variations of rhythm best offered with a flannel sheet covering your client to add sound effects to the strokes. Strokes include chuck and slap, heel grab with pinch and cross over swishing. Rhythms change from ONE two three to -- one TWO three four -- to a variety of rhythms.

Second is changing the pressure while adding slight pauses with eye of the hurricane, upward circles and half moon movements.

Third is to vary direction and parts of body being touched.

Fourth is to alter the style.

Fifth is a focus on small areas such as ears, ankles, knees, toes and fingers.

Sixth is to move your own body in relation to the movement your hands are making.

And lastly the finishing strokes encompass head to toe transitions with all strokes except the very last strokes to be a "pretend" last stroke.

Why all the variances to strokes, pressure, direction and style?

Quite simply when the client can't use their brain to figure out where your hands are going to next, the brain shuts off and then the client can totally feel the strokes to achieve a higher sense of relaxation. The addition of sound effects brings attention to the strokes and the pauses ----------- encourage letting go of stress.

So for a totally blissful mind/body relaxation massage -- go to the Islands with Soft Touch Island Massage.

Students are to bring massage tables if the facility does not provide them, sheets (one flannel if possible as we add sound effects to the massage), massage oil or cream and face cradle covers. And bring a sense of fun and adventure.


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