Fijian Massage Testimonials

Fijian Massage testimonials from massage schools, students, clients and instructors illustrate the wide acceptance of this Fijian Massage barefoot technique. Fijian Barefoot Massage is offered in Spas, at sporting events, in private homes and professional clinics.

January 1, 2011

Hi Lolita

I had a new client for the Fijian today. She has quite the story. She used to get rolfed and that was the only thing that helped her hip feel better. Since her rolfer retired 8 years ago, she has been searching for a solution for the pain. She has tried physical therapy, many other massage therapists, she even had injections in an operating room into the piriformis, gluteal muscles because the pain was so bad she couldn't lift her right foot. And she says after just one session of Fijian Massage, this is the best she has felt in 8 years. I am very humbled by her progress and thought it would make a good story for your teaching.

She also said, "I think if everybody gave Fijian Massage a real chance, it would be the only massage they would get."

Thank you for sharing this amazing technique with the world, including me and my clients!

Debra Rilea Reno, Nevada
Co-owner Ralston School of Massage

January 2010

Dear Lolita,

I was in your class in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago. I had just injured my hand. My hand is not better. I have an appointment to see my Doctor this afternoon to see what he thinks.

Thank God and Thank you for Fijian Barefoot Massage, otherwise I would be completely out of business the last couple of weeks.

I have been doing barefoot massage since the seminar and I'm getting favorable comments from my clients.

I'm going to work on marketing it more. I can do Fijian Barefoot Massage all day and not get tired, (I think)

The DVD I bought from you works just fine on my home DVD player.

Thank you again.

Lisa Schudel

Hi Lolita!!!!!

I'm glad Alan looked you up, and I hope he takes a course! He's a great guy, great student, great with his feet!

And ohhhh man I cant thank you enough right now! I broke my wrist and had to have surgery, so the only massage I can do until April while I heal is Fijian! I'm so glad I learned your style of barefoot massage, it's helped my clients a lot in the past, and its definitely saving my career right now.  Thank you!

:) I hope everything is great with you! Talk soon,

Jeni Spring, LMT, CAOBT
Texas AOBT Instructor



I greatly enjoyed your class. After only 2 years of massage therapy I have already started to experience wrist and shoulder discomfort. However, with Fijian Massage I have learned that I can rely on other body parts (feet) to do the work of the hands. I feel that my clients would prefer to have Fijian massage as to regular massage.

Your knowledge of the subject was so informative and you made the class fun and laid back. I would enjoy taking classes with you in the future.

It was a pleasure having you as a teacher.

Thank you.

Heather Johnson, Coweta, OK

July 6, 2004

Hi Lolita

How are you and how are your travels going. I've been doing Fijian massage and it is so much better than what I was doing before! I'm so glad you came up with this. Today was my first session and she was happy & we set up a regular, every-other-week schedule to continue. The spa where I work is open to offering Fijian on their menu. I'm thinking of only doing "deep tissue" Fijian style from now on-no more stressing my body.

Keep in touch.
All the Best
Jesse, CA

Lolita's innovative massage modality open up a fresh experience for those seeking to practice massage with a new fram of mind. It's fun! Imagaine---feet doing the work that hands have traditionally done. Fijian Barefoot massage puts massage in a great new perspective.

Cindy Elliott, 8-15-05, Bolivar, MO

I learned how to give deep tissue without putting a lot of strain on my body. It was beneficial to learn how to give a massage without using my hands AT ALL. I liked that the results from the massage lasted longer than other massages. My muscles didn't tense back up a few hours after the fijian massage like they usually do. It was refreshing to take a class that was so different than many other classes that are offered. And I have NEVER liked getting my legs massaged, but I really enjoyed the Fijian Massage on my legs.

Julia Peiegda

Great course. I am going to incorporate this into my work with athletes. I hope that I can eventually use the Fijian massage for more than 90% of my work. Love it! Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Heidi, St. Louis

I liked learning new techniques to better serve my clients and gives me an alternative to working with my hands which are already showing signs of wear. Lolita is very knowledgeable and interesting and kept the class moving . I look forward to continuing classes w/Lolita in the future w/Advanced Certified Fijian and other classes she teaches.

All About Your Massage Therapy
Tara Wallace LMT, NCBTMB
O'Fallon, MO 636-577-1216

Dear Lolita

It was so nice to meet you in St. Louis. I'm loving the Fijian Massage. On Monday after I got home I converted an adjoining room for the Fijian Massage. On Tuesday I gave 5 full sessions-. My glutes and quads were so sore. But I've been fine since then.

Other than that first day, I can really tell the Fiji massage is saving me a lot of upper body stress. I've been giving a lot of samples to all my clients and have at least 2 converted into Fiji clients instead of Swedish. Several others have requested half and half . I am really glad I was able to take your class. (And my clients are happy too.) I knew the Fijian Massage would change my practice and it has.

Joy Specht, LPN, LMT

The material is so unique. It’s awesome to be able to be exposed to something from such a far away, remote place. Thank You for sharing!! Teacher is sincere, honest, helpful, successful =excellent mentor.

M. L. (Portland)

I truly enjoyed the "setting" that Lolita created. Learning, understanding, receiving and giving. Experiencing it all. Especailly with her right there. It's also very refreshing to be able to share new and different techniques using our bodies and honing that technique which is individual to ourselves as the clients we serve.

Fijijan Massage allowed me to experience, during this workshop, what I have not in other body workshops. Massage helps relax and ease tension, but Fijian massage actually has taken that soreness, tenderness and apprehension away from that tender and guarded area. Fijian has also given me a less stressful approach for work on myself and to serve others. Thank you Lolita. I look forward to being taught by you again.

Sandee Champ

I love this massage modality. It is deeper work with using feet. Lolita was wonderful. I liked that she allowed us to work intuitively. I really liked that we rotated through classmates to be able to share work on many classmates. I loved Lolita’s enthusiasm for this work.

S.K. (Portland)

Hello Lolita!

We took your class at the Blue Ridge Healing Arts in Concord NC. We have been doing some Fijian massages at home and are in the process of getting the Spa we work for to create a room to offer it there. They have 4 different locations in Charlotte. We are doing a demo of the Fijian for the Owners of our spa in two weeks time. They are looking for a new service to offer and I think they will really like this.

You will probably see a lot of the therapists we work with (15) the next time you are in Concord. I know I saw a teaching date in the near future. Very exciting. Hope all is well and take care,

Marc & Roxane Correll

Lolita is a very patient teacher-she has a great sense of humor and it makes for a great class experience. She makes sure we are doing the method correctly and allows for our own touch. I thought the course structure was great. She would teach a method-we practiced-then at the end of the day we put it all together--it worked well. I definitely recommend this class to anyone wanting to do deep work with effective results.

Thank you Lolita for your experience and willingness to share it. Fijian Massage is Great. Any therapist serious about helping others should consider incorporating it into their business.

Carla W. St. L.

"Fijian Massage is a fun, easy and exciting creation of massage. It is a "step" away from your regular massage. I hope that one day everyone will use fijian massage in their practice and at home, it is a must have technique. The instructor, Lolita Knight, was very interesting, personally and in her teaching. The class was never boring and I found myself wishing that the class was longer."

Corinne Kirby, LMT Owner of Body Solutions Spa in Osage Beach, Missouri

Lolita's teaching style is both relaxed and professional. Her knowledge base is well-grounded in Deep Tissue in regards to structure and safety. She is watchful of her students yet allows them individual variations within the overall sequence. This comes across as respect for the student's abilities and creativity without sacrificing her authority of the technique. She models the warmth of a good therapist along with the adherence to legalities of a good businesswoman.

Mirra Greenway, LMT, NCBTMB, owner, Massage Therapy Institute of Missouri

I had a Fijian massage today ( August 28) with Joan Schraith Cole.

I have experienced a numbness in the outside of my right thigh for about a year. I do exercises and have a regular massage but the numbness has persisted.

When Joan worked on my hip and buttocks and the areas around the hip joint, I could feel a difference in the energy flow to that thigh.

In general, I found her work with Fijian massage to be very relaxing while deep and very effective. She released not only my hips but neck and shoulders, calves etc. It was a great experience and I will have her do it again.

Joan's technique is very professional and she has a good understanding of the body and what is needed.



Chinese Facial Testimonials


Loved the Indiana AMTA class last Sunday.

I have had two sessions and worked points on my own face and in one week my face has improved from 8 yrs. of Bells Palsy. I can almost smile normally without my face distorting...

I have some movement in the frontalis and an arch begining in the eyebrow.

Thanks! Denise


In my first year of using the Chinese Facial Massage I increased my business directly $525 and indirectly by adding a 15 minute facila massage to my one hour to now having clients book for 75 minutes. I love the variety and it saves my hands. And my clients can see the difference with the before and after mirror evaluations. Thanks again.

DD, Indiana


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