Moving Cups Massage

3 CE Contact Hours, NCBTMB approved

Moving Cups Massage is deep tissue massage to improve circulation.

As taught to Lolita by Chinese doctor, Thomas Quio, and passed on to her certified instructors, this massage is done with suction cups to move out the negative chi, increase circulation to damaged areas and release any adhesions.

Is an excellent adjunct to deep tissue or relaxation massage.

Do not experiment with this protocol, as there are many “do not do this” to respect. Lolita covers all of these safety factors in the class.

Pictures illustrate the suction (does not hurt), the slight twisting motion and the cups and pump gun.

Moving Cups Moving Cup Pump Move Cups with slight twisting
Cups Cup Pump Move Cups with slight twisting

Students to bring oil and if they can, acquire a pump and suction cup set, please bring that to class. Instructor will provide a few sets for therapists to use if they don’t have their own set. Only pumps are used—no fire methods taught.

Variations Offered:


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