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Lolita Knight brought 36 years of experience to develop a variety of massage courses from deeper work sports massage to a relaxation head or face massage. All massage courses have one thing in common--they are all designed to SAVE THERAPIST'S HANDS while giving your clients a very therapeutic massage.

Lolita Knight, Director, has retired from teaching and has certified instructors to carry on with several of her classes.

All courses NCBTMB approved.

Depending on the variable venues, the normal cost is $18-22 per CE hour.

Fijian Massage Courses

As of 2017, Fijian Massage has been taught to over 1200 massage professionals. Fijian Massage is being offered in spas, sporting events, with family members and massage offices . Fijian Massage Barefoot Techniques do more than save your hands.

Lolita actually lived in the remote villages in Fiji in 1997 and learned from the village life on Kandavu Island a barefoot technique handed down from generation to generation. This technique does not include walking on backs.

Topics covered include:

Variations Offered:

Other Courses

Michelle Coffman Teaching

Other courses taught by Lolita's certified instructors include Indian Head Massage, Chinese Facial Massage, Chinese Moving Cups, Soft Touch Island Massage, Deep Tissue and Body Mechanics, Massage Tools, Aromatherapy, Spa Treatments, Marketing and Ethics

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