Chinese Facial Massage

6 or 7 CE Contact Hours, NCBTMB approved

Chinese Facial Massage Techniques for facial muscle problems and for reducing stress lines.

Lolita's teacher, Chinese Doctor Lily Fu, taught her 25 pressure points (including 2 on the hands) to help tone, uplift, remove tension, reduce facial lines and enhance appearance will be demonstrated and practiced. Students often notice a difference in their appearance at the end of the class session, although major differences are usually noticed 2 days after treatment.

Facial massage can benefit facial tics, Bells Palsy, eye droop, sinus problems and scars.

In addition, rejuvenation strokes will be included as well as external TMJ techniques. According to the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, "As high as 20% of the American population possesses one of more of the symptoms of a temporomandibular disorder---One is eight Americans suffer from recurring headaches that are so severe they cannot carry out normal living." Learn easy and effective facial massage to ease TMJ problems.

To conclude the facial massage, relaxation strokes are learned that include decolletage strokes

Pictures demonstrate Chinese points to uplift jowl area and to tone eyes.

Chinese Facial Massage
Chinese Facial Massage

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Chinese Facial Massage: Best Friend to Your Face

By Lyndi Hutchinson, LMT

Article Reprinted From Healthy Beginnings magazine

People from all walks of life know that therapeutic massage yields many benefits. Health conscious people regularly utilize and enjoy these benefits. The body is rejuvenated with the “systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissue” – which can be equally stimulating as well as relaxing.

It is of little surprise that our face, which is also comprised of muscles and joints like the rest of the body, would benefit from massage as well. Stress is reflected in the face as muscles tighten. Ever clench your teeth, squint, scowl or rub your tired brow? Unconsciously, we contort our face and creases appear across the surface of the skin as cares of the day intensify. Over the course of time, the tension in our face results in unsightly lines as well as painful headaches, jaw grinding and sleeplessness.

Fortunately, relief is readily available in Chinese facial massage.

This ancient modality has been modified more recently by Chinese Doctor, Lily Fu, who incorporates 16 pressure points (including two on the hands). Lolita Knight, Licensed Massage Therapist with almost 30 years of experience in health facilitation, teaches Dr. Fu’s facial massage technique throughout the US and abroad. (Ms. Knight is known internationally for her pioneering in the field of Fijian massage.)

The pressure points employed in Chinese facial massage stimulate the lymph drainage system, removing excessive fluids and releasing waste products. Circulation is also increased by a Honey Pat treatment following the massage. A Honey Pat treatment is the process of applying honey to the face using a systematic rolling technique. The result is increased skin tone, reduced appearance of lines and wrinkles as well as reduced muscle tension.

Clients who have received the massage and Honey Pat treatment frequently remark on the smoothness of their skin. Honey, Nature’s own “miracle elixir,” embodies many properties that are helpful to the skin. It is a natural humectant – it has the ability to attract and retain moisture (especially advantageous in our dry Northern Nevada climate); it is an antimicrobial agent – it inhibits bacterial growth making it useful for the treatment of minor acne flare-ups. Of special interest, honey has significant antioxidant properties, which help protect the skin from the damage of UV rays.

Not only is a Chinese facial relaxing, it is beneficial for facial tics, Bell’s Palsy, eye droop, sinus problems and scars. Special massage can be incorporated for clients suffering from TMJ, to reduce jaw pain and increase mobility.

Chinese facial massage can be experienced alone or incorporated into a full body massage.

With relaxed facial muscles, less tension, improved skin tone and texture in less than 30 minutes, the Chinese facial massage and Honey Pat treatment are a “sweet deal.”


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